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Cause Marketing is Not Only for Big Business (Webinar)

The Cause Marketing Masters Series presents the webinar, “Cause Marketing is Not Only for Big Business” led by Michael Houlihan, founder of Barefoot Wine. Join us on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm Eastern / 10:30am – 11:30am Pacific time. Click here here for more info and to register! Back in the late [...]

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Outword Magazine Interview

Barefoot Wine’s Founders Do Well By Doing Good The story of how Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey in 1986 launched a scrappy new brand that would transform the US wine industry is one of accidental opportunity and the vision and courage to seize it. “We fell into business backwards,” Harvey says today. And seize it [...]

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Kindred Spirits, Fellow Travelers, and Strategic Partners

One of the most effective and often over-looked resources to build and grow your business  is strategic alliances. “Partnerships” with other businesses and organizations who benefit by your success can help you meet your bills, get the word out about your company, and improve your image. Who succeeds if you succeed? As your business begins [...]

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Strategy for Good Summit

Title: Strategy for Good Summit Location: Your phone – it’s a Telesummit Description: Hear from 30 Thought Leaders on Business in Society, including Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey – All in One Place Via Telesummit – Sharing Their Unique Perspectives, Tips, and Strategies on Social Good, Corporate Philanthropy and Community Involvement. This Telesummit is from [...]

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Positive Company Culture is critical to Growth and Survival – Part 3

This is the third part in the series about the original Barefoot culture. Culture really sets the tone, boundaries, and expectations the team has toward your company, your mission and your product. We’ve saved the best for last because having a common cause and a common challenge forges, more than any other single factor, positive company culture. When [...]

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Positive Company Culture is critical to Growth and Survival – Part 2

A company survives and grows due to sales and the loyalty of customers and staff. Sales are based on price, value, dependability, integrity, availability and perception. The basis of perception is image, networking, and more recently, the transparency of the producer. Transparency is what the brand stands for, its authenticity, its identification with higher values, [...]

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Distribution: The Distance between a Great Product and a Sale – Part 3

When the producers of any product first go into business, they tend to think they are in the production business. In fact, if they are to succeed, they are in the Distribution Management business. Distribution Management trumps production because without it, your product may never make it to the shelf – no matter how good [...]

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How to Build a Brand Without Advertising

Brand recognition is the life blood of any product that passes through distribution channels. Building your brand to the point of significant market share takes years, and conventional advertising can be financially infeasible, especially for new product manufacturers. In today’s world, the public demands transparency. Your customers want to know what your company stands for [...]

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7 Tips to Attract and Keep Good People

Your people are your most valuable asset. When you are a start-up, they are critical. They represent your company to your customers, vendors and your associates. When your people interact well with each other, they will make your workplace productive and satisfying on many levels. Remember, most top producers aren’t found, they’re made. Most often, [...]

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10 Tips to For a Start-Up Business with No Money

OK, you need some money to get started, but you can seriously reduce the amount if you take advantage of some of these suggestions. Every one of them worked for us: Start in the garage, a spare bedroom, even the laundry room the way we did. Go anywhere you won’t have to pay rent. Get [...]

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