Business Consulting Services

Michael-Bonnie-ProfessionalMichael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey have more than 60 years of combined real world business and marketing experience. With out-of-the box thinking* and game-changing marketing concepts,** they built Barefoot Wine into National Best Seller and successfully monetized their brand equity.

Their demonstrated marketing and business know-how is now available to help others to give your company the advantage in the marketplace.

“Michael & Bonnie were my business mentors and the key success for my business platform. They helped define and organize my financial strategies and goals. They have been tremendously important to connect me with the right strategic partners within my industry. They have such a great attitude and are not only professional but also fun to be around. Atmani Tours offer the premium Sonoma Wine Country experience. -Hermine Baker, CEO/ Founder,”

Proven Experts in Sales, Brand Building, Team Building and Worthy Cause Marketing:

  • Increase sales by “reorganizing” your company into two divisions, “Sales” and “Sales Support”
  • Get the most out of your staff with permission, acknowledgement, and performance compensation
  • Improve distribution and volume with the ultimate service to your customer and his customers
  • Grow your brand and increase loyalty with the best non-profit partners
  • Develop and plan an effective exit strategy to realize your brand equity

Training Leaders, Advisory Board Members, and Consultants

  • Effective experience to help your company achieve its goals with innovation, inspiration, and insight
  • Surveys, reports and recommendations to improve you Brand, Customer Relations, Human Resources, and Channel Distribution

For the Wine Industry:
Michael Houlihan teams up with industry veteran, Martin Jones to provide proven value to wineries and other wine industry companies.

“They are hands-on business development and operating experts, able to take on the toughest of challenges.”  - Jeff Stevenson, CEO & Founder, “Inc. 500 Company – Fastest Growing Companies in America”

If you are interested in learning more about Houlihan and Jones, Wine Industry Consulting, please visit: or share your information below.


*Without conventional advertising, they pioneered the concept of Worthy Cause Marketing and relied on strong and lasting non-profit platforms to efficiently build the Barefoot Wine Brand.

**They produced and delivered consistent value through outsourcing, while focusing on distribution, quality, and customer service. They pioneered the concept of fun to promote their brand.