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~Brian Tracy – Author of 45 books in dozens of languages,
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“This is a warm, wonderful, inspiring book that entertains and motivates at the same time.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed The Barefoot Spirit. I will make it required reading because it tells a lovely story and it embodies so much of the entrepreneurial mindset.”
~Rebecca White PhD – President, U.S. Assoc. of Small Business and Entrepreneurship,
Director, Entrepreneurship Center, University of Tampa





Try a Taste of The Barefoot Spirit

The Barefoot Spirit is a guidebook for anyone in business and a great read for everyone who loves a rags-to-riches story. Filled with many eye-openers, including:

  • How Michael and Bonnie used worthy cause marketing to create one of the most recognized brands in the world
  • Why they never spent a dime on traditional advertising
  • The surprising advantages of being small and broke
  • How creating a fun, yet hardworking culture kicks productivity into high gear
  • How handling mistakes the right way saves essential business relationships
  • Why attitude and determination trumps knowledge and experience

The Barefoot Spirit” is the story of a little winery that broke all the rules…

…and left its footprints all over the industry.

When Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey started Barefoot Wines in their laundry room in 1985, they had no idea what they were doing. They had no money or experience, but they made up for that with creativity, resourcefulness, guts and grit. By the time they sold the brand in 2005, they’d won a ton of awards and helped transform an entire industry from stuffy and intimidating to fun, casual, and socially aware.

The Barefoot Spirit is no dry business textbook. The lessons are cheerfully woven inside a 20-year story that’s inspiring, amazing and entertaining. It’s a case study, an idea book, an uncommon peek behind the curtain of the wine business and a snapshot of the American spirit West Coast style.

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