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Problem Solving Barefoot Spirit Style

Entrepreneurs learn to eat problems for breakfast. It seems like there is an unending onslaught of daily challenges starting, growing, and keeping any new venture afloat. As soon as one is solved, another one pops up just like the arcade game whack-a-mole. If it’s not lack of capital, it’s access to market. If it’s not a personnel situation, it’s being discontinued by a big buyer.
When we speak to colleges… Read More

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Problem Solving, Barefoot Spirit Style

There are many approaches to problem solving, but the one we like best requires a multifaceted view of the situation. Sometimes the key to the solution is in the best definition of the problem. Having just one point of view, or relying on your initial impression, can actually blind you to the solution.
The ideal solution is more likely achieved when the problem is viewed in the context of the bigger picture. For instance,… Read More

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Build Your Business using Guiding Principles – Part 2

Ever wonder what goes through a creditor’s mind when they decide whether or not to give you credit? Creditors, like suppliers, vendors, and bankers who extend credit to you, are a bit anxious and for good reason. They don’t know how you’ll behave when times are tough. They don’t know if you will be a “beg pay” or worse. On the other hand, they want to increase their business with you, so they hope you will succeed… Read More

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Business Beware Radio Show Interview

Ashley Bodi, host of the Business Beware Radio Show, interviewed Michael about the challenges and lessons learned along the Barefoot Wine journey. Go here to listen to the interview!
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Timelines Are the Lifelines of Customer Satisfaction

Outside contracted services do things for us that are beyond our skill set or are best done by a specialist. One frustration we, as customers, typically face is not knowing what is expected of us to get the most out of these services.
If you are in a service business, or even a production business, don’t just expect that your customers or clients know what is required of them. Let them know what, when and where they have to… Read More

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Corporate Structure Can Turn Information into Currency – Part 2

Johnny Carson used the expression, “I did not know that” and brought the house down. It was his way of stating his lack of knowledge about any surprising event. The audience was also surprised and couldn’t help but laugh.
It’s no laughing matter when your staff finds out that they are out of a job because your company lost a major buyer or couldn’t solve a critical problem. But if they don’t understand the challenges,… Read More

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The Advantages of Being a Small Start-Up – Part 2

This is the second installment in a four-part series designed to encourage small start-ups by recognizing some of their inherent advantages.
Small start-ups face a myriad of challenges. They are undercapitalized, unproven and have no market traction. They are up against the status quo that will use its established power and influence in the marketplace to suppress any new challengers. Buyers are reticent to take… Read More

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The Advantages of Being a Small Start-Up – Part 1

Today we need new products, new services, and new ideas to invent our way back to prosperity. Small start-up producers have always been the backbone of the economy, not just because they provide the most new jobs, but because they improve the very quality of our lives by bringing more good ideas to the market. This is the first in a four part series on why small start-ups have an advantage over big companies.
“Build a better… Read More

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Positive Company Culture is critical to Growth and Survival – Part 2

A company survives and grows due to sales and the loyalty of customers and staff. Sales are based on price, value, dependability, integrity, availability and perception. The basis of perception is image, networking, and more recently, the transparency of the producer.
Transparency is what the brand stands for, its authenticity, its identification with higher values, and the actions it takes to demonstrate those… Read More

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Business People making mistakes right

Making Mistakes Right

Everybody makes mistakes, so why not take advantage of them? If your company culture does not give permission to make mistakes, your staff will hide them.
They’ll want to ‘fix’ it fast and hope you never find out. They may be the only ones who know how to fix it, and they, or someone else, are likely to make the same mistake again. Here are some tips on how to turn mistakes into assets.
1) Give your staff permission to make… Read More

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