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The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)

Very shortly, we will be having a flood of vets returning to our country. Many have disabilities suffered in the line of duty. What will become of them? Will there be enough jobs? Can disabled post 9/11 veterans become successful entrepreneurs?
Dr. Mike Haynie, of Syracuse University in New York, has taken a proactive approach to attack this daunting challenge head on. Before Syracuse, he was a US Air Force Academy professor… Read More

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Can Entrepreneurship and Innovation be Taught? You Bet!

When we were in school, we always wondered why, if the professor was so smart, wasn’t he making a fortune at whatever he was teaching? Well, in the schools of entrepreneurship that have popped up across the country, things have changed. Many of the professors and instructors are now, and have been, successful entrepreneurs. They share their real world examples, challenges and solutions with their students.
None… Read More

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