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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)

We recently had the opportunity to coach, inspire, encourage, and empower a very special group of soldiers. In spite of their service-related disabilities, they are aspiring to start their own businesses. We worked with 28 students in one phase of a very concentrated and focused three-phase program designed to give them a big head start in the world of entrepreneurship.
The EBV program in Syracuse, NY involves an intensive… Read More

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Disabled Veterans Have the 3 Essentials for Entrepreneurial Success

We are now part of a program to help post-9/11 disabled veterans become successful entrepreneurs. Later this month we will be honored to share our entrepreneurial experience with some of these courageous heroes.
It is our hope that the lessons we learned will help them achieve their goals of owning and growing their own successful businesses. We will concentrate on the critical and practical aspects of business philosophy… Read More

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What Keeps Entrepreneurs Going?

Tenacity is considered to be the single most important ingredient in entrepreneurial success, but there’s something else that supports, fuels, and even justifies tenacity.
We were recently asked what kept us going when we were under-financed, ill-prepared, and monumentally challenged building the Barefoot wine brand. We were up against a staid wine culture at the time, with little appreciation for a fun… Read More

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The Barefoot Spirit Defined

Many people have asked us, “What are you guys selling, exactly?” We are no longer selling wine. Now we sell books, speaking engagements, and consulting services, and what we really have to offer is an idea. We call it, “the barefoot spirit.”
Simply stated, the barefoot spirit is a set of guiding principles that steer you toward the right decisions in every aspect of business. It’s the delicate balance between… Read More

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Fran Tarkenton Sirius/XM Radio Interview on The Barefoot Spirit

Michael and Bonnie were interviewed by the Legendary, Hall of Fame Quarterback, Fran Tarkenton! He is a big time entrepreneur and loves speaking with fellow entrepreneurs. Click the play button below to listen to the interview.
Fran Tarkenton Show Interview with Michael and Bonnie … Read More

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Can You Go From Selling Wine to Selling The American Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Today there is more interest in entrepreneurship than ever before. Half of the college grads are facing self-employment, as perhaps their only opportunity for employment. But are they prepared? It takes a lot more than book knowledge, a good business plan, and fancy four-syllable words to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.
Many middle managers saw their jobs disappear during the recession, never to return.… Read More

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Women-Owned Businesses to the Rescue!

Sheryl Sandberg in her bestseller, Lean In, laments the stubborn persistence of the “glass ceiling” holding women back in corporate America. After years of advancement in women’s access to the top corporate positions, the progress has slowed to a crawl. She raises several important issues, asks some serious questions, and suggests some positive actions.
But there’s one sector of business where the lid… Read More

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The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)

Very shortly, we will be having a flood of vets returning to our country. Many have disabilities suffered in the line of duty. What will become of them? Will there be enough jobs? Can disabled post 9/11 veterans become successful entrepreneurs?
Dr. Mike Haynie, of Syracuse University in New York, has taken a proactive approach to attack this daunting challenge head on. Before Syracuse, he was a US Air Force Academy professor… Read More

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NewsChannel 9 WSYR “Bridge Street” TV Interview

Our Syracuse trip is starting off with a BANG! We are happy to announce that we will be interviewed on News Channel 9′s “Bridge Street” Segment. To view the interview, please click HERE… Read More

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Happy Birthday Barefoot!

Twenty-seven years ago, Barefoot Wines were bottled for the first time. But how the wine found its way to the bottling line was a fluke in itself. A farmer wasn’t getting paid for several years for his grapes and his friends went to bat for him to see how much they could collect. It wasn’t easy. The winery owing for the grapes had no money and was in bankruptcy. It was controlled by the secured creditors (other farmers who… Read More

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