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Santa Barbara News-Press Article on Michael Houlihan

March 7, 2013 5:59 AM
When he returns to Santa Barbara for a speaking engagement this week, Barefoot Cellars co-founder Michael Houlihan will be treading familiar territory.
He attended City College 1965-67 and it was here, in the early stages of Barefoot, that Mr. Houlihan, who founded the brand with partner Bonnie Harvey, pounded the pavement making the sales.
Mr.… Read More

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On Independence Day, We’re more Interdependent than Ever

As we approach the nation’s 236th year of independence from England and thereby Europe, we find ourselves glued to the financial news out of Europe like we were still part of it. And we are, more than ever. We worry about the economies of China and Russia as if they were our own – regardless of our political differences. Why? Because our very livelihood depends on the world’s economic and environmental… Read More

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Tailor Your Message to What Your Audience Wants to Hear

If you want to make a statement, tell them what you want to say. If you want to make a deposit, tell them what they want to hear. Sounds simple enough, but what do they want to hear and who are they anyway?
Every successful business learns eventually that there are a whole lot of folks between them and their end-user. Each one wants to hear a different message for a different reason. Sometimes we get so excited about our new idea… Read More

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A College Degree Can Give You an Entrepreneurial Edge

This year’s grads face serious employment challenges, but there’s probably never been a greater opportunity to create your own job. According to Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, the job prospects look rather dim due to the economic down turn. He cites some trends that may throw into question the very value of a college degree itself: heavy competition for jobs, a significant decrease in earnings, outsourcing,… Read More

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Hand-written Note

Business Manners that Pay

The simple accommodations you make for your coworkers, boss, customers, and vendors cost you nothing, but give you a subtle yet strong advantage.
These are common, time-tested courtesies that are unfortunately not so common anymore.
Although not taught in business school, they can positively affect how others relate to you.
Showing consideration for others with whom you have frequent interaction reminds them… Read More

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Vacations Increase Creativity and Productivity

Some people have to be forced to take vacation. Some even feel guilty or “irresponsible.”  Others rack up unused vacation time for its monetary value. Still others see honor in putting their job ahead of a timely break.
Whatever your reason for not taking regular vacations, it can’t measure up to the benefits you and your job receive when you put business aside and give yourself a rest.
Regular vacations not only… Read More

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