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Can Extensive Orientation Improve Job Performance?

In an attempt to quickly get a new employee into production, some companies spend the minimum amount of time on orientation. It usually consists of the job description and a brief history of the company and its products. Some seem to feel that extensive information about the company’s processes, organization, and customers is just too much information and that somehow it’s not necessary.
This minimalist approach… Read More

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Corporate Structure Can Turn Information into Currency – Part 2

Johnny Carson used the expression, “I did not know that” and brought the house down. It was his way of stating his lack of knowledge about any surprising event. The audience was also surprised and couldn’t help but laugh.
It’s no laughing matter when your staff finds out that they are out of a job because your company lost a major buyer or couldn’t solve a critical problem. But if they don’t understand the challenges,… Read More

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Corporate Structure Can Turn Information into Currency

Corporate Structure Can Turn Information into Currency – Part 1

The corporate structure is based on a division of labor into specialized groups who tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the company. Each division has its own professional organizations that reinforce this view. Within these divisions of labor are further structural elements that stratify the chain of command into pyramid-like structures.
Although these structures seem unavoidable just to get the job done,… Read More

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Sales Professionals Deserve our Respect

From the outstanding musical, “The Music Man” to the hilarious movie, “Used Cars,” people in the sales profession have long been saddled with an unfair stereotype. Yet, without sales, few businesses would succeed.
Our economy relies on hundreds of thousands of salespeople that most of us never see, but their skills are responsible for our high standard of living. They call on the buyers who produce and sell… Read More

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Put Your People on the Same Team

No matter what kind of business you think you’re in, you quickly find out you are in the personnel management business. With careful hiring, mentoring, recognition, and compensation plans, your people can be your greatest asset.
Recurrent, personnel issues can be a distraction to you and your staff. Some react to personnel problems by firing the offending parties. Occasionally this may be necessary, however the… Read More

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Find Good People – Make Great People

People always ask us what we look for in a job applicant because we had such a great staff. Sure, we looked at qualifications, but we looked beyond that.
We wanted people who were not only qualified, but also had foundational qualities we could build upon. We wanted to see our staff achieve the highest and best use of their talents – many of which did not manifest for a year or so.
We looked for enthusiasm, confidence, honesty… Read More

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Why We Write

We’ve been asked who we write for and why. The answer can be found in how we write. We learned most of our business knowledge the hard way. We write for you so you can avoid the painful lessons we have experienced first hand. We write to give you news you can use.
Even though we both have been to college, higher education isn’t required to understand these concepts. In fact, most of what we cover is not taught in college. It’s… Read More

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Job Descriptions – A Portrait or Snapshot

Job descriptions seem to have a certain amount of authority built into them. They can describe the job for the new hire and be a reference for the last word in duties.
The problem is that nothing remains the same for very long. Constant operational changes and market pressures can make even new job descriptions obsolete within months. Job descriptions should be seen as living documents that require frequent updating.… Read More

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5 Ways to Increase Your Service Business

In this two part series we are addressing service businesses. Last time we identified a way of classifying your clients and customers. This time we will offer some ways to increase your business.
Your goal is to get more referrals. These are new customers who were sent to you by your existing customers. They will only do that for you if their first experience was beyond their expectations.
How then can you ensure that their… Read More

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How to Improve your Service Business

Over half of all businesses are service businesses. These industries include many professions from legal and engineering to hair cutting and plumbing. All these services require excellent management, positive company culture, and most important, return clients.
Brian Tracy says, “If you want to be successful, ask yourself this question: How can I increase my service to my customer today?”
More than any… Read More

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