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Taste California Travel!

The Barefoot Spirit Review by Dan Clarke
The Barefoot Spirit succeeds on several levels.
Those in or around the wine business will enjoy some of the inside scoop on how a young couple naively entered their industry, made predictable mistakes and yet survived. And eventually prospered. Actually, though the product was wine, their journey might serve as a blueprint smart people with boundless energy and dogged

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The Advantages of Being Small and Broke in a Small Business

Michael & Bonnie were asked to write a guest article for Small Biz Lady, Melinda Emerson. The article talks about the advantages of being broke in a small business and the how they used it as an asset to starting Barefoot.
To read the blog, please visit the article on Small Biz Lady’s website … Read More

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3 Ingredients for Success: Hardship, Hustle, and Heart

We’ve been asked why we subtitled our book, “How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand.” It is because we believe these three ingredients are seminal to our success. But what are they exactly, in the context of business? How do they relate to each other, and how can they be orchestrated into success?
Opportunity is the key to the formula:
Hardship plus Hustle equals Opportunity;… Read More

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Women Entrepreneurs Radio with Deborah Bailey

Bonnie Harvey is the co-founder of Barefoot Cellars along with partner Michael Houlihan. She was Vice President and “The Original Foot” for 19 years. There she had a wide variety of duties, doing whatever was necessary to operate the business. While Michael’s role was “big picture visionary,” Bonnie translated his ideas into workable processes and displayed a genius for managing the millions of details… Read More

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3 Ways Time Off Increases Productivity

Passion, drive, compensation, status, recognition, affirmation and security.  This is the list of what motivates people. What many employers don’t realize is that near the top of this list is also time off.
As folks plan ahead for their vacation time, they especially search for three-day holiday weekends. This is their opportunity to strategically plan time off with friends and family. They want to give their… Read More

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Wine Business Monthly

by Cyril Penn | May 24, 2013 | 2:35 PM

So I finished reading my advance copy of The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart built America’s #1 Wine Brand (written with Rick Kushman). It was officially released last week.
These days, Barefoot is owned by E&J Gallo and is a six-million case brand. It wasn’t always that way.
Most people aren’t familiar with the improbable story of how Barefoot started.… Read More
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30th Anniversary!

Today is our 30th Anniversary! We are in New York celebrating with the release of our new book, The Barefoot Spirit, which covers 20 of those 30 years! Thanks to all our family members, former employees, business associates, friends and neighbors who helped and encouraged us! This picture is from the 1987 Renaissance Faire in Marin County California where we’re supporting the Living History Center! Hazzah!  … Read More

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NewsChannel 9 WSYR “Bridge Street” TV Interview

Our Syracuse trip is starting off with a BANG! We are happy to announce that we will be interviewed on News Channel 9′s “Bridge Street” Segment. To view the interview, please click HERE… Read More

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Get the Butts off our Beaches!

There is nothing more relaxing than a long walk barefoot down the beach. But a pristine beach has become a rarity, and now we are creating clean beaches more often than finding them. We have personally participated in a multitude of beach clean-ups. Some were organized by non-profits like the Surfrider Foundation and, in the San Francisco Bay Area where we live, Save the Bay. Others were co-sponsored by socially-minded… Read More

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How to Succeed in the Wine Business Without Really Knowing a Damn Thing About It

How to Succeed in the Wine Business Without Really Knowing a Damn Thing About It 
Written by Jordan Wright of Whisk and Quill 
Last month I spoke with Barefoot Wines founder Michael Houlihan about his upcoming book The Barefoot Spirit (Evolve Publishing – May 2013).  Michael, who has been in the wine industry for nearly 30 years along with his life and business partner Bonnie Harvey, created the… Read More

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