Business Matters Radio Interview

Michael Houlihan was interviewed on The Business Matters Radio Show February 4, 2013. Please check out the interview HERE



About Business Matters

Business Matters is a clear voice on the impact business has on all aspects of life. It’s our job to expose the truth as we best can to promote honest debate. Through an open dialog that is not thwarted by hidden agendas or deception, real change that benefits all can emerge.

To help tell our stories, we talk with people who are putting themselves on the line day after day to make sure those in power can’t ignore the consequences of their actions. We mix this with conversations with people who are exposing the disguised actions of business and their partners in government. We have the honor of talking with Pulitzer Prize winner authors, global activist, grass root organizers, Peabody award-winning journalist, former high-level government officials and business leaders.

Listen to Business Matters to find out how you can help reshape business so it serves us all.



About Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey

Starting in a laundry room with no money or industry knowledge, they built the iconic Best-Selling Barefoot Wine Brand - without advertising. In 2005, they monetized their brand equity and now offer proven business principles and real world experience. Visit our YouTube Channel →

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