Sneak Preview of the Barefoot Wine Brand Story Starts Tuesday (October 16, 2012)


In the wine business, there’s always a lot of excitement around barrel tastings, futures, and releases, and we are so excited that our long-awaited book about the humble beginnings of the Barefoot Wine brand is finally complete. The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built a Bestselling Wine will be released (officially published) in just 90 days, in January 2013, but blog readers, website visitors and Facebook fans can get a sneak peek with an exclusive opportunity to get the ’Spirit before anyone else does. This eBook is the rough, unfiltered version, right out of the barrel (prior to final edits)!

Beginning Tuesday, October 16, 2012, when you visit our website you can get a barrel-sample book tasting of The Barefoot Spirit. Our book sampling opens with a bright introduction by Rick Kushman, popular wine writer for the Sacramento Bee. He took our stories and put them in a fun, breezy read, as you might expect from an award-winning columnist. In the book sampling, the introduction is followed by two abridged chapters giving you the flavor and essence of our book. More of the complex, spicy stories and the lingering finish can be savored when you purchase a special pre-release package. This includes the advance eBook beginning Tuesday, October 16, 2012, and in January, the paperback, including free delivery anywhere in the US.

The Style. The `Spirit has spent over two years in the making and shows uncommon character. Over the years, we’ve read too many business books that were well meaning but were written like a text book: Here are the 3 things you need to know; Here are the 10 requirements of success; and Here are the 5 things you should never do. By Chapter 2 you are all listed out. The ‘Spirit is different. It’s a story, and you will laugh with us while you learn!

The Essence. It is more fun to read a “business adventure story” where you get to take a journey with the founders as they tackle the hard realities of starting a business. You discover as we did, the incredible financial, legal, compliance and distribution challenges to get any brand started. You face the conservatism, skepticism and down right opposition of an industry adverse to fun and new ideas. You learn the business lessons with us.

The Feel. We also want people to understand what we called Worthy Cause Marketing. It is our hope that our success building a national brand without relying on conventional advertising will serve as an example and an inspiration to other businesses from start-ups to large corporations. You’ll see how we stumbled on this wonderful way to get the word out on our brand while making the world a better place at the same time.

The Finish. It is our aim to give encouragement to the many folks who are realizing that the only form of employment these days may be self-employment. Perhaps our success will inspire some to start their own businesses. We hope the lessons we learned the hard way will be of service to all who take the plunge.

There have been tons of books written about wine. How wine is made, how to taste and evaluate wine, and how to pair wine with food. But, as far as we know, this is a first, behind the scenes peek at the guts of the industry and at how wine gets to you. You will never look at wine on the store shelf the same!

Many business books are written like business documents from the corporate office and can get put down due to sheer tedium. We wrote The Barefoot Spirit to be picked up and read now. It’s written in plain English for everyone’s enjoyment.

This book has the feel of a fun beach read, perfect for your next vacation. And it’s a real guidebook for any entrepreneur. You will learn a lot about the hardship, hustle, and heart that it takes to build a best selling – anything. So, get the advance e-Book of The Barefoot Spirit today!




About Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey

Starting in a laundry room with no money or industry knowledge, they built the iconic Best-Selling Barefoot Wine Brand - without advertising. In 2005, they monetized their brand equity and now offer proven business principles and real world experience. Visit our YouTube Channel →

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