New Radio Show Helps Budding Entrepreneurs


There’s a new, free resource for sage business advice that’s fun, entertaining, contemporary, and informative. It’s Ken Rutkowski’s Business Rockstars radio talk show.

When we were in LA last week, Ken invited us on his show. We shared some of our own experiences with folks who want to be business rock stars. As “entrepreneurial cheerleaders,” we loved the opportunity to encourage new entrepreneurs and hopefully save them the pain of learning the lessons we learned sometimes the hard way.

Ken is a great host with his own impressive background in media, tech and entrepreneurialism. His goal is to encourage the start of new ventures and connect them with some of the top names in business. His interviews with CEOs and entrepreneurs provide listeners with valuable insights and first-hand knowledge about networking, marketing and financing.

Somewhere between a reality show and a game show, Ken and his guests have fun debunking myths and recounting actual business experiences. He challenges callers to present their new business idea in a quick, succinct, and compelling pitch. The idea is to get the business guest to say “cool” after hearing the pitch. He calls it “15 Seconds – Pitch to Cool.” It’s quit a challenge, even for us!

In a world where most talk shows seem to pander to sensation and opinion, “Business Rockstars” is a positive, constructive and inspirational stand out. Together with his co-founders and producers, Steve Lehman and Thomas Hale, Ken is poised to take the show to national syndication. At a time when every business publication from Forbes to Inc. and Entrepreneur to Fast Company is calling for more start-ups to help the economy, and at a time when many college grads are finding that sometimes the only source of employment is self-employment, this concept is a natural winner!

We wondered why we hadn’t heard of it before. Then we found out it’s only been on the air since June 18th 2012. Right now you can hear it on the radio in Southern California from 2PM to 4PM weekdays on KFWB News Talk Radio 980AM or get it streamed on the web. Ken also offers an extensive archive of past business guests who have shared their impressive, real world experiences in the various areas any new business will face. What a great resource to have for free!

If you are thinking about starting your own business, or “saying hello to your garage,” this is your opportunity to get the straight skinny from those who have been there, done that and got the tee-shirt. Michael & Bonnie say, “Check it out!”



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